I discovered the world when I was 17 years old and realised early on that I was going to have my work cut out to do it justice in one lifetime.

Since then I have travelled across 6 of the world’s 7 continents, from the towering slopes of the Himalayas, to the burning deserts of Arabia. My journeys have taken me by elephant and camel, dhow and rickshaw, across some of the driest, wettest, highest and lowest points on earth. And still it isn’t enough! I have travelled now for well over a quarter of a century and met some amazing people along the way. Not everything I do is exotic, or adventurous, but no matter where I go, or what I see, I still feel a sense of wonder and excitement everytime I begin a new adventure.

These rambling won’t always be about far flung places, but they will be about things that I find interesting and important…maybe you will too…



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