HARVEST: A testament to the indomitable spirit of man

19 years ago today the scallop dredger “Solway Harvester” sank in severe gales off the coast of the Isle of Man. A decade on from the original sinking, Phil Kneen and I set out to mark the anniversary with a project that involved many of the people directly affected by the tragedy.

As we approach the second decade of its sinking, it is comforting to know that communities and people still remember the sacrifices made that night for strangers. A little more of that same spirit out there might go a long way to curing what seems to ail us these days.

Rest in Peace the crew of the “Solway Harvester”…

there and back again...

With less than two months to go before I head out to Canada with Phil Kneen, I have been casting my mind back to our last collaboration together. The Harvest project occupied our thoughts for some nine months on and off and the finished result is something that I am still immensely proud of. At the time I wrote a piece about the project and, whilst I realise that it is a little out of date now, I still think it worth a second airing, if only to give Canada some idea as to what it is in for!…

We sat in the bar of the Steampacket Inn on the Isle of Whithorn, contemplating death and gazing out across a tranquil harbour bathed in late December sunshine. The scene before us had probably changed little over the past ten years. That same, somnolent setting would have been the last…

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