Fear and Loathing…Part 2!!…

screen-shot-2013-10-23-at-19-11-59This time last year I had just returned from a road trip across Northern Canada. There had been bears and Ice Pilots, seedy bars and Northern Lights. It had been a proper road trip, just ask my liver…it is still up there! I had gone up there with my good friend and sometime arch nemesis, photographer, Phil Kneen. Many never expected us to return…or at least not both of us. However we managed three weeks in close proximity with hardly a cross word between us and the trip turned out to be an amazing experience.

But that was a year ago and new adventures await. Which is why Phil and myself are now planning another foray, this time in the other direction. We plan to drive from the Isle of Man to the Crimea…And that is about as far as our planning has got so far. We have a van and a road map, and I have a compass. What could possibly go wrong?!…


…To be continued…

  1. Gail Taplin said:

    Why Crimea?

    • Why not?…It may be something of a meandering journey there though, so who knows where we’ll end up!…

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