On the Move…

I don’t own a particularly advanced phone. It doesn’t have the ability to check me in, map the heavens or split the atom. I wouldn’t even really describe it as ‘smart’, although I am sure that with a more versatile and technologically advanced owner it could probably sit its GCSEs, or do an Open University evening class in basic Spanish. Unfortunately for my phone though, I just use it for making phone calls and texting…and taking the odd photograph. I very rarely even seem to do anything with the photographs, they just sit there, clogging up the memory until I delete them to make room for more.

That being the case, I thought maybe I should download them and see what I had, just in case there were any little gems waiting to be discovered. There weren’t unfortunately (it’s not that good a camera) but they did reveal a few forgotten surprises. It was like emptying an old jacket pocket full of scraps of paper and stubs of cinema tickets – little reminders of lost weekends and snatched moments in time. None of these shots would win any prizes for their photographic prowess, but they do each tell their own little story. They recall evening visits to a Ganesha temple in southern India and chips on Brighton beach. They take me back to the shores of the Great Slave Lake and a colourful afternoon spent in Agra. They even provide me with a gentle reminder of just how good home can be.

I think we spend a little too much time and effort in trying to capture that ‘essential’ image these days, without taking the time to remember why it was that we actually took it in the first place. Sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and bask in the moment…

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  1. Gail Taplin said:

    Fascinating reading!

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