Life on the 'Knife's Edge


It seems a lifetime ago since we were being chased by bears through the Rockies, but it is actually only about a week now since we arrived on the shores of the Great Slave Lake. We have reached the mid-point of our Northern Canada adventure and after a week of ‘networking’, which in Yellowknife seems to involve copious amounts of alcohol and far too many late nights, we have hit the mother load.
In the past seven days we have been out and about with Yellowknife’s very own Snowking, Anthony Foliot, met up with the Ice Pilots of Buffalo Airways and spent an afternoon listening to the philosophies of the legend that is Alex Debogorski, of ‘Ice Road Truckers’ fame. Add to that an evening out on the Great Slave Lake with the Coastguard Auxiliary, a drive along the Ingraham Trail to the start of the Ice Road and the…

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