The continuing saga of Phil and Trev’s Big Adventure!

Life on the 'Knife's Edge


Article by Phil Kneen

6 weeks today, Trevor and I shall be touching-down in Canada. We’re spending 3 days in and around Calgary before heading up to start the project proper in Yellowknife. One plan is to head North to Banff and have a look around the Rockies, a few people have suggested we also check-out the hotel where they filmed ‘The Shining’. I’ve no idea how we’re going to do this because I just had a look at the Wiki page for The Stanley Hotel, and it’s in Colorado, USA…maybe some more research is called for, regarding this particular excursion.

Talking of research, we’ve done all we can do, there’s only so many emails you can send back and forth before ‘research’ turns into ‘stalking’. Both Trevor and myself have resigned ourselves to the fact that whatever path this project is going to take, it’s going to do…

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